Welcome to my website!

You can find on this website all the details of my career, as well as my personal projects.

I am KEMPF Dorian,
A research engineer in Visual Odometry / Visual SLAM
At the Laboratory of Innovative Technologies (LTI), Amiens (France)

I plan to do a thesis in the field of visual perception, specializing in Visual SLAM / Visual Odometry or 3D reconstruction with cameras.

My main interests

Computer Vision, especially Visual SLAM, Visual Odometry, 3D reconstruction.


Work experience 

I work since September 2022 on a European project funded by : React-EU.

I am in charge of the visual perception of the robot. The robot is equipped with a camera (Intel RealSense T265) and must be able to map its environment thanks to Visual SLAM. The mapping of the places will then allow the autonomous navigation of the robot.

The studied algorithms are: ORB-SLAM3, OV²SLAM and RTAB-MAP.

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Here are some of my student and personal projects

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